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TCME Group Worldwide (TCME) is a leading global professional Business Investment and Advisory Firm for Foreign Economic Relations.
We have joined more than 30 of agencies and Experts. Our Partner and consultants operating in 52 cities, across 34 countries. TCME has over 2,000 intermediaries contacts that will be permitted on TCME, and that means: Investors around the world.

TCME Group Worldwide helps and focuses on wealthy individuals and their families, as well as on companies that want to invest in offshore financial centres around the world, their foreign companies, or even to secure their assets. We help you to find the best Solution to start up a Offshore or Onshore Company. Another special area from our full service of our consulting is the investment opportunity and Solution  in Europe, especially in the Balkan countries

With our department GCI – Global Citizenship Investment, we are a global provider for Citizenship by Investment Programs, Honorary Citizenship, Residency Program and Citizenship Solution over Economic Ministerial

GCI Serbia Investment UNIT is a development agency dedicated to facilitating and implementing direct investment, promoting and increasing exports, improving the competitiveness of the Serbian economy and the reputation and economic and regional development of the Republic of Serbia, in the interest of the Government of Serbia