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The tactical CORONA crisis.

Mar 15, 2020

For days I have received reports from Germany, but also from around the world, which are slowly taking away my belief in humanity. How can the populations, especially Germany, be dazzled again and firmly believe that they will be shot down by the flu?


If you are only reasonably healthy and have a normal immune system, you may get a cold, but you are guaranteed not to die from a virus like Corona!







Of course, it makes sense to cancel large events and to avoid gathering people, as happened in the past. Instead, everything that was in contact with a corona infected is closed regardless of losses. Life is paralyzed or is paralyzed by the legislator and your assistants, the mainstream media.

National borders are closed, people around the world are put on the chain. Apparently only the refugees still have full freedom of travel.But what do Germans prefer to do? Of course, as always, ride on the mainstream media like a bitch in heat. Doomsday mood in Germany. Supermarkets are bought empty.

Those who have not panicked and stayed cool can now wipe their asses with a hand full of shit because there is nowhere else to buy toilet paper or disinfectant. Poor Germany!Of course, I am neither a doctor nor a scientist, but I can read and do the work of researching information from various sources. Everyone else can do that too. But presupposes that you switch off your television and get started, do some research with it.


I really throw myself in the corner. The mainstream works again and everyone joins in. The economic damage will go into countless billions and thousands of companies will go bankrupt. A doomsday scenario blown up by governments like I've never seen before.


But: the bigger and more catastrophic the better. Of course, for those who stand behind this whole theater and who are already rubbing their hands for the new laws that will come. And the Germans always and everywhere with them, because they are so beautiful to keep still and put up with everything.


In 2017/2018, the flu epidemic hit about 17 million Germans in Germany, resulting in around 25,000 deaths. Did anyone notice that?


The corona virus has been rampant for about 3 months and originated in Wuhan. By March 10, just 1,300 people had been infected in Germany, 53 in Thailand, 32 in Serbia and 119,000 worldwide. 4200 people have died worldwide, mostly old and sick people who might have died with any other “x any flu”.

Statistically speaking, what is the Corona Virus compared to other epidemics or pandemics of the past hundred years?

Of course, everyone who dies of a flu is one of them. But what distinguishes the Corona Virus from the millions of other viruses that theoretically infect us on a daily basis, have infested in the past and may still infect us in the future?


What's different about Corona than about hundreds of other pandemics before? Nothing at all, apart from the scaremongering of various governments.

Every day, 15,000 children under the age of 5 starve to death worldwide. Last year a total of 9 million people starved or vice versa, one person starved every 3 seconds.

So the WHO lets every year die without a blink of an eye but millions of people and the various governments of the world want to make us believe that the entire global economy is being paralyzed and driven to the wall because of 4,000 flu deaths?


But what is swept under the table:

Although many of these pandemics are responsible in China, companies, citizens and taxpayers around the world are now paying the price for an irresponsible and life-scorning people, which for me is the virus in itself.


So why doesn't the global community start to take responsibility for those who are responsible for it? The environment has already been largely destroyed, the resources looted on this planet, the rainforests cut down, the seas emptied, the rivers and lakes poisoned, the air polluted, the soil contaminated, even the universe clogged, flora and fauna cleared, countless animal species extinct. Everything for the profit of a small power elite who is looking for compliant politicians who keep the people at bay with appropriate laws. And we are wondering about a small virus, new diseases or epidemics that are overtaking us?


Well, those who have carefully followed the mainstream media of the past years will have noticed: The bigger and more catastrophic a government's panic, in cooperation with the media, the greater the reprisals that the population will face. Equally drastic is the freedom of movement of every individual and so deeper the financial grip in the pocket of the citizens. 9/11 and the war on terror practically exhausted, the receipt for us: the transparent citizen who can be monitored and spied on at any time. Now something new is needed: CORONA! The scaremongering about Corona is gigantic worldwide. So we can be surprised what new laws are coming after this relatively harmless cold wave.


I personally suspect that Corona serves, among other things, as a volleyball template for accelerated cash removal. Independent scientists are very likely to find out that Corona was transferred via the banknotes. Perhaps we will also get a new currency reform that was already predictable? Let us be surprised!

Unfortunately, hardly anyone understands this theater.


Reminder: It was just a year ago that a little 16 year old brat named Greta managed to expropriate millions of diesel drivers.


Of course, it served very well to make the population compliant so that the Federal Republic could continue to implement its perfidious plan. Greta is almost forgotten, the appropriate climate laws and the associated new taxes, long ago passed and waved through. Bye bye Greta and thanks for the CO2 tax, as well as the new era in the electric automotive sector.


Of course, the fact that the manufacture of batteries pollutes the environment more than any diesel vehicle could do so plays a subordinate role.


Let's go, now the next sow is chased through the village, her name Corona / COVID19!


Reminder: In 1980 Germany saved the trees, in 1990 we saved the rainforest, in 2000 we saved the polar bears, in 2010 we saved the euro, in 2011 we saved the world overnight after we decided to Nuclear phase out, in 2013 we had Greece saved, in 2015 we started saving so-called refugees. Germany will save the environment again in 2019 with the decision to phase out coal.

It seems to me that Germany is a huge experimental experiment, testing a people's pain threshold. With the Germans, it seems to be limitless as long as they can save something. At the same time, those who have built up Germany with diligence and sweat, namely parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, are insulted by the prevailing media as environmental acid.

Instead of Greta, even smaller children were used this time, singing happily in the choir. While newcomers are being provided with new housing, a carefree package, and generous financial support, the environmental acids have to collect bottles to survive and are arrested if they search for food in dumpsters at supermarkets. Is it actually going more perfidious?


The only question I ask myself is when will people in Germany and the world finally wake up and notice what is really going on? In the last 40 years, we have saved what seems like 100 times the planet and the grip in the pocket of the German never ends. On the contrary, they are increasingly curtailed their rights and freedom of movement, are expropriated and plundered as if there is no tomorrow. The state has already created its transparent citizen and he is not yet satisfied. The terrifying thing for me is the speed and the means that are used to hollow out and subjugate the population more and more. Freedom of expression has long been abolished. Anyone who dares to question the political master plan will be eliminated, marginalized and placed in the right corner.


I'm just saying poor Germany. We're talking about the many refugees who come in. Does anyone question why thousands of medium-sized companies are fleeing Germany? What has happened to the big brand Germany, where you could still be proud of it - Made in Germany -? Where have the poets, engineers, doctors, inventors and thousands of companies all gone? No matter, the main thing is to get out of Germany to escape this madness. Angela, yes you can do everything!

Who are still reasonably reasonable is, I recommend the following:

Give your neighbors a few rolls of toilet paper. Take part in life again, go to the gym and go to the sauna. Eat a healthy diet and just see that your immune system remains intact.


And if you should catch a cold, you will not die of it!


What new laws will come to us after Corona will be far worse than this virus itself, with only one difference: the virus will go faster than it came, the reprisals that will come, probably forever.


It is also interesting to think, regardless of the laws, what will the consequences be in the end? Which countries will end up weakening? Which industrial nations are dependent on China? In which countries will taxes be increased further?


My advice:


Entrepreneurs, come to the Balkans, it’s not perfect, but there are always better than in Germany.


In this sense, good night Germany …




Feb 25, 2020

Our intensive and persistent work for the search for investors, the worldwide marketing and the belief in the Balkans countries like Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and North Macedonia has in the end been honored and proven, according to Uwe Zirbes, board member of GCI UNIT. I came to Belgrade for the first time in 2016 and was very impressed by the beauty of the city, as well as the people who live there together with different nationalities. If there had not been a special reason, I would never have come to Belgrade because of the negative prejudices. But everything I heard from the media, everything that has been written and said about this country over the years, all the negativity, has been completely changed into positive and to reality, within a short time. You have to see and experience the Balkans and especially Belgrade, Podgorica, Tirana and Skopje before you can tell and report on it.

Today, after three years of intensive work, I can confirm that, in my opinion, as an internationally experienced businessman who has already seen and got to know the whole world, the perfect place to live and to invest, which is confirmed by the successful number of my clients as direct investors. I knew it after only a few weeks and have informed my complete network of business people about it. In addition, I have operated worldwide marketing in Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa. It was very difficult even in the first two years because almost nobody knew where Serbia is. Many still thought that it was in Africa and compared it to Zambia. My enlightenment work started, so to speak, discovering Serbia to many people from zero.

Many of my colleagues and friends thought I was crazy, people I talked to in Serbia asked me what I was doing here. Why from Dubai to Serbia? Everyone wants to get out of Serbia and I'm coming in?! As a businessman and manager, I see things differently, I see the solutions easier, because I'm from outside and I'm not stuck in the possibilities. It's like having an experienced interim manager to take on when the company has no way out and needs a different perspective to find a solution. If your own resources within a country are not enough to satisfy the population, you need other managers, companies, top people who built something in their own country, started up companies so that the young talents and people find a job, completing a circle of life, in a way. And that's what I do all my life. With my then-founded company, I helped more than 17,000 top managers and companies to find a new challenge while freeing companies from trouble. And that was worldwide. Over the past 26 years, I have built up a network of corporations, large companies and medium-sized companies from China, UAE, Asia and, of course, Europe, and through this cooperation also gained insight into different cultures and mentalities.

Check my other article about Serbia's rising FDI attraction: GREENFIELD FDI PERFORMANCE INDEX 2019: SERBIA STORMS TO TOP

"With Montenegro, a new attractive European program will significantly diversify and expand the global citizenship market for investment. This program has the potential to create a series of truly significant cash injections for itself in an economy and as a forerunner of more strategic investments that can help to modernize and diversify the economies of often smaller states and create a better life for them." explains Zirbes, Board Advisor at GCI.

Of course, some people in Serbia were and still are dissatisfied with the situation, they want to emigrate to Germany and other countries. But I'm sure that all of them will come back! Please do not misunderstand me now, I have nothing to do with politics, I do not want it either and certainly can not allow a professional judgment.

However, considering it neutral as an outsider, pure as a businessman with open eyes, from the long-standing global experience elsewhere, Serbia has developed far better in the short time after the Comunism and the time of corruption and the subsequent war than any other country what i know. And if someone wants to compare themselves with Germany, then please also calculate the time that Germany needed after the war. Serbia made it half of the time. I go even further and claim that today is already foreseeable that Germany is going down steeply and Serbia will increase more and more in the attractiveness. Germany has 20 times more companies per year who run away, than Serbia have companies who come inside as direct investors! The media does not report that. The people who invest in Serbia today, who stay there, and those who develop and invest their inventions and ideas in their own country will be the winners. Everyone else will come back to Serbia.
And if special people bring some advantage to the country in any way that meets the criteria of Article 19, then they get a further civic citizenship so they can not stay in the country for 60 days just like a tourist, but build up their business and accompany, so I think that's a good idea, which has been to say at this point, my own! I presented this proposal to the government. I presented this proposal to the government in Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and North Macedonia.
Unfortunately until today, such a law of citizenship by investment, not yet maked or even passed. - Only in Montenegro!
Especially in the countries like Serbia and North Macedonia, as well as in Montenegro, I was able to present investors to the government and advertise worldwide, which I have obviously done well. And that is exactly my goal, I want to take care of it and help, with my influence and network, that at least 20,000 people get new jobs, I do not want to bring hundreds but far more companies to the Balkans, thus making the Balkans stronger than never before. Every person should have a reason why he lives on this planet. We were all winners in the beginning, what everyone makes of his life after that is attributable to himself.
I want to leave the world better than I found it, I want to make a difference. And I know from my own experience, you can achieve a lot if you believe in the goals you set, and work on it. I wish that the young people believe in themselves and Serbia, as others Investors and Managers from outside do.


Nov 25, 2019

Serbia has been at the top of the world for several years when it comes to attracting foreign direct investment. Our intense and persistent efforts to seek investors, global marketing and faith in Balkan countries such as Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, and Northern Macedonia have proven to be very successful, according to Uve Cirbes, Chairman of the Board of GCI UNIT. This German by origin, who in the opinion of his clients is known as a real "magnet" for attracting foreign direct investment, stresses in an interview for our magazine that he will not overdo it if he says that Serbia is, on many issues, developing even faster than its native Germany. Many people will wonder whence in Serbia because many of the investors go West. -I came to Belgrade for the first time in 2016 and was impressed with the city's beauty, as well as the people who live together, regardless of their different nationalities. If it wasn't for a special reason, and I'll explain to you, I probably would never have come to Belgrade because of negative prejudices and bad marketing about your country. But everything I heard through the media, everything that was written and said about this country over the years, everything negative, in the very short term, was completely transformed into a positive one.
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Oct 26, 2017

VIENNA – 26 October 2017 – World Bank has proclaimed Serbia as the primary united states within the South East Europe concerning the standards of implementing the reforms based on which it has end up more attractive to overseas traders.

In the Forum on Competitiveness in Attracting Investment held in Vienna, organized via the World Bank, the recognition, at the behalf of Serbian Government, was given to the Acting Director of the Serbian Development Agency (RAS) Radoš Gazdić and State Secretary in the Ministry of Economy Milun Trivunac.

The World Bank has praised the reform manner in Serbia, emphasizing specially the adoption of the Law on Investment, and Serbia has been proclaimed as the most innovative us of a on this a part of Europe with regards to attracting overseas funding.

Mr Gazdić has assessed that final 12 months RAS realized 22 modern agreements, and that inside the length to return it'll convey around 236 million euros really worth investment and create more than 16.000 jobs, that is a file within the past ten years.

“This year simplest we've got visible round 50 letters on reason for investment in Serbia, which absolutely speaks in favor of accelerated interest of overseas buyers and higher conditions for funding in Serbia”, Mr Gazdić has said.

Mr Trivunac has underlined within the Forum that Serbia has made progress in many aggressive fields, and consistent with the analysis of the competitiveness index, of 12 pillars, it has performed the largest development in 8 maximum crucial fields.

As he has stated, inside the coming duration, Ministry of Economy will be targeted at the measures to boom competitiveness, so as to additionally make contributions to an increase of the financial boom fee.
He has singled out six key measures – attracting strategic investments, growth of export, quicker boom of start-up businesses, and a bigger contribution of fast-developing small and medium-sized corporations, nearby specialization of producing industry, tackling of the problems of massive loss- makers, and creation of recent enterprise policy.

“Ministry of Economy collectively with the World Bank is working at the adoption of the new enterprise policy up to 2030, in order to define measures and mechanism focusing at the development of improvements, utility of Industry four.0 idea, and clever specialization of manufacturing industry of Serbia”, Mr Trivunac has concluded.


Nov 03, 2017

Washington, October 31, 2017 — Economies in Europe and Central Asia persevered an lively application of reforms to enhance their business weather, to create jobs and spur boom, in keeping with the fifteenth anniversary version of the World Bank Group’s annual Doing Business file. Serbia ranks at forty three on the ease of doing business.

Released nowadays, Doing Business 2018: Reforming to Create Jobs records forty four reforms in the vicinity within the past 12 months, bringing to a complete of 673 the number of reforms enacted over the past 15 years.

Two of the vicinity’s economies, Kosovo and Uzbekistan, feature among this 12 months’s international pinnacle improvers and thirteen of the place’s 24 economies are ranked within the top 50 inside the Doing Business worldwide rankings.

The reforms of the past yr had been accomplished mainly inside the areas of Registering Property (with 8 reforms), Getting Credit (seven) and Protecting Minority Investors (six). For example, Georgia strengthened minority investor protections by way of clarifying ownership and manipulate structures.

The Russian Federation made it easier to switch property by means of lowering the time had to observe for state registration of identify switch. Reforms in Kosovo protected the adoption of recent laws to reinforce resolving insolvency and enhance get admission to to credit score. Uzbekistan strengthened minority investor protections via growing company transparency necessities, whilst Lithuania made getting energy simpler by using streamlining tactics and decreasing connection charges.

Turkey no longer handiest reinforced get right of entry to to credit by adopting a new regulation on secured transactions that establishes a unified collateral registry and allows out-of- court docket enforcement of collateral, but also advanced its credit reporting system by means of adopting a brand new law on personal information protection. Ukraine made managing construction allows simpler by way of notably reducing costs.

Other economies within the region that implemented reforms in the past 12 months include Kazakhstan (3 reforms), the Kyrgyz Republic (one) and Tajikistan (). In Kazakhstan, as an instance, imposing contracts turned into made easier via introducing time beyond regulation standards for key court docket events that are respected in the general public of cases.

The reform carried out within the Kyrgyz Republic reinforced get entry to to credit score through two new decrees that establish a unified and present day collateral registry and additionally progressed its credit score reporting gadget through adopting a brand new law on replacing credit score facts. Tajikistan made starting a business less difficult by way of elevating the revenue threshold for mandatory price added tax registration and removed a system to make registering property less difficult.

“The economies of Europe and Central Asia maintain to demonstrate a totally robust reform schedule,” stated Santiago Croci Downes, Program Manager of the Doing Business Unit. “As the effect of these reforms spreads, we are in all likelihood to peer a greater dynamic non-public quarter if you want to make contributions to boosting economic boom in the vicinity.”

The place’s pinnacle ranked economies are Georgia (in ninth region), the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (eleven) and Lithuania (sixteen).

Economies of Europe and Central Asia carry out best within the Doing Businessareas of Protecting Minority Investors and Registering Property. For instance, it takes on average 20 days to switch commercial property, compared with the worldwide average of 49 days.

The area maintains to underperform in Dealing with Construction Permits and Getting Electricity. It takes a median of 168 days to achieve a production allow in the vicinity, as compared to the common of 158 days globally. And it takes an entrepreneur 114 days to get connected to the electrical grid inside the vicinity, as compared to the global average of 92 days.

This year, Serbia ranks at 43 on the ease of doing enterprise, in comparison to 47 in last year’s document.

“If we look at Serbia and compare it with an appropriate business surroundings, Serbia’s score went from seventy two.87 in Doing Business 2017 to 73.13 in Doing Business 2018,” said Stephen Ndegwa, World Bank Manager for Serbia. “This means that in the final yr Serbia progressed its commercial enterprise rules as captured via the Doing Business signs in absolute phrases—the country is narrowing the gap with nations which have the high-quality business environment.”

More specifically, Doing Business reveals that Serbia implemented important modifications in the nearby regulatory framework within the following regions in 2016/17:

Serbia made beginning a enterprise less difficult by using lowering the signature certification rate and increasing the performance of the registry, decreasing the time for commercial enterprise registration. As a result, the value to begin a brand new business has dropped from 6.Five percent to 2.3 percent of the earnings per capita. Serbia advanced the reliability of its land management device via imposing a geographic information gadget.
Serbia made enforcing contracts simpler via adopting a brand new enforcement regulation that broadens and clarifies the responsibilities of enforcement marketers in addition to the powers of the courts all through the enforcement manner.

It’s important to notice that Serbia is ranked tenth when it comes to handling creation lets in on this 12 months’s file

“Over the past 15 years, Serbia has made sizable progress in several Doing Business areas and implemented a complete of 28 reforms, in particular inside the vicinity of Registering Property (with 6 reforms), Starting a Business and Resolving Insolvency (five each). The quantity of reforms in Serbia over the last 15 years evaluate well with the worldwide in step with-usa average of 17 and ECA common of 28,” stated Thomas Lubeck, IFC Regional Manager for Central and Southeast Europe.

“As a end result, beginning a brand new commercial enterprise in Serbia now takes most effective 5.5 days compared to fifty six days 15 years ago, which is three days less than the average throughout OECD excessive-profits economies. The time to clear up a business dispute through a nearby first-instance court in Serbia has also been significantly reduced during the last 15 years. It now takes 635 days as compared to 1028 days in 2003.”

However, Serbia underperforms within the vicinity of Getting Electricity. It takes 125 days to connect to the energy grid, lots more than the average of seventy nine days throughout OECD high-income economies.

Highlights of the successes of Europe and Central Asia over the last 15 years encompass:

Starting a Business and Paying Taxes had been the most not unusual areas of reform, with a hundred and twenty and 108 reforms respectively. Fifteen years ago, it took a median of 43 days to register a brand new business in the area, in comparison with 10 days now. This is 1/2 the global average of 20 days. The vicinity’s top appearing economy on this respect is Georgia, wherein it takes tactics and two days to check in a new enterprise, as compared with nine procedures and 25 days in 2003.
Georgia has applied the most reforms in the beyond 15 years, totaling forty seven, observed through Kazakhstan and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, with 41 every.

The complete record and its datasets are available at www.Doingbusiness.Org


Jan 12, 2016

American action hero Steven Seagal has been granted Serbian citizenship, the country’s official state newspaper reported on Monday. A decree granting Seagal Serbian citizenship was signed by the country’s Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic on January 8.....

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