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The Serbian passport can be obtained only by origin, birthright, naturalization and in accordance with some international treaties. But there have been some stories that the Serbian government is discussing a new law that would allow foreign citizens to obtain Serbian citizenship by investing in the Serbian economy. 

An exact law that says that a foreign citizen can get a Serbian passport via investment, doesn’t exist. But a foreign citizen can get a Serbian passport if naturalization is in the interest of the Republic of Serbia. And what’s in the interest of the Republic of Serbia is decided by the government. So even without a precise law, the Serbian government can decide that a specific foreign citizen is important to national interests, national economy, and they can be granted citizenship. 

And what’s in the interest of the Republic of Serbia?

This can be different from case to case, so the interests of the Republic of Serbia can be very different, and they can vary. They can be economic, cultural, scientific, or even sports nature. 

This can be stressful and difficult for foreign investors because they never know if their investment is good enough and if their citizenship application will be granted. 

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What are the benefits of Serbian citizenship for investors?

Foreign investors in Serbia get a good tax rate, and the income tax on capital rate amounts to 15%. Another good thing is that foreign investors can travel visa-free to 138 countries, and some of those countries are all of the countries within the EU Schengen agreement, China, and Russia.

Why is it good for investors to have second citizenship?

It’s good because everything is easier. If investors get second citizenship they can travel freely and visa-free, and they can be residents in low-tax jurisdictions. And when you are a resident in a low-tax jurisdiction, you can save money and conduct business easier. 

What type of foreign investor programs are there?

There is a possibility of investment in the private sector, and with this kind of investment foreign investors are giving citizens of a certain country a possibility of new jobs. 

There is also a possibility of investments between the investor and the government, and with this, the government revenues are increased. 

Once the new law is elected foreign investors would be able to get Serbian citizenship by investment through one of these options, or both. 

There are still many questions that can’t be answered because the law is not precise. Something that is certain is that the government runs a background check for future foreign investors, to inspect whether the investors have criminal records, were they involved in criminal activities, were they involved in money laundering, and are their funds coming from legal sources. After these background checks, the government decides if the foreign investor and its investment are in the interest of the Republic of Serbia, before granting him Serbian citizenship and a Serbian passport. 

This will also happen if the new law gets elected, but the path to Serbian citizenship would be much easier and a little less stressful.


​You will get in this time the Citizenship over the law of Article 19, of the Republic of Serbia. We apply for you, over the Ministerial of Economic and Foreign Affairs.


"Under current conditions it is difficult to keep up a framework with such few representatives, subsequently allthe limits ought to be given to the economy, accounts and outside ventures".