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Dear friends and Investors,


Do you already have plans for a branch outside of Germany?
Or generally outside of your current location from Central European or Middle East?
But are irritated by the current situation and have postponed this project to a later date?


Would you like to make your company future-proof and generate stronger growth?
Are you and your company in a development phase to drive growth forward faster and need a location that offers strategic and operational advantages?
Are you also interested in a gateway for your target markets and on terms that Germany or many other countries cannot offer you?


If you answer some or all of the initial questions with "YES", then you should read on. Today we will show you a production and export location with many advantages. This is not in Southeast Asia or another distant continent, but Serbia!

Who are we? We are a team of internationally experienced business developers with a strong international network of consultants for location and market analysis with a focus on medium-sized and large companies as well as groups.

As Special Envoy for Europe, Africa & Pacific, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, I take the liberty to send you the following interesting information about it.

Everyone now knows that the future location of production in Germany with additional costs and taxes will be difficult to keep against the competition. Now, at the latest, it is time to think about how to counteract the drop-in sales, reduce production costs and save taxes.

I am happy to show you how you can significantly reduce costs and work out tax advantages for your company through a branch in Serbia.
You export to Russia or Turkey duty-free through a business unit in Serbia. Exports to China with only 1% due to free trade agreements.


• The income tax for employees is 10%, and for foreign ones

• Company owners are only able to generate 15% of profits in a GmbH.

Tax-Free, that means the exemption from taxes for a period of 10 years.


Customs exemptions for capital goods is a very interesting aspect in the Republic of Serbia. Up to 40% savings in production costs are the reason why other Central European companies have already established a branch in Serbia.


Get in touch with us and we will develop your individual business case:

Location analysis

Market research

Company formation

Application for licenses if necessary

Procurement of skilled workers

Procurement of interim managers in the development phase

I myself open the door of the important ministries, which saves you bureaucracy and time.

Visit us in Belgrade and we will discuss the information you provided in advance in a first personal appointment. This key data is important in order to determine in advance whether your company goals with the location Serbia have a high intersection. The evaluation of the transmitted information, via e-mail in a form and the first meeting, are free of charge.

Then we create a “road map” for you with various project sections, which include individual fee sections.
We can discuss the advantages of this and how you can avoid a costly try-and-error in a short web meeting via Skype or WhatsApp conference call.


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