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GCI Unit Serbia is a Development Agency in the interest of the government Serbia, dedicated to facilitating and implementing direct investments, promoting and increasing exports, improving the competitiveness of Serbian economy, as well as reputation, and economic and regional development of the Republic of Serbia. 

Serbia has become one of the leading investment locations in Central and Eastern Europe. A list of leading foreign investors is led by world-class companies and banks such as Fiat, Telenor, Stada, Michelin, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Gazprom, Intesa Sanpaolo, Siemens, He Steel Group, etc., which
equates to approximately $ 27 billion foreign direct investment since 2000.
We provides support to investors in Serbian Investment, from the initial, question and answer stage of the investment all the way through the implementation and the entire lifecycle of the investment in Serbian.

GCI UNIT Serbia and Investment

GCI UNIT Serbia helps you grow your business in Serbian. You can rely on our professional and confidential service. We are happy to help you! GCI UNIT Serbia is a part of The Consultant Middle East (TCME) the leading global professional Business Investment and Advisory Firm for Foreign Economic Relations.

We have joined more than 30 of agencies and Experts. Our Partner and consultants operating in 52 cities, across 34 countries, and of course in Serbian.
We offer complete and customized services, in particular from the field Serbian Investment, aimed at fitting your needs and allow you to focus on the core of your project. Our range of services is made up from field studies (market study, research of clients/partners/distributors), Investment, to company set up and the launching of the activities of our clients.

GCI UNIT are your Partner for:

- Experience to provide you the full services in Investment
- open all the doors for the right Ministerial in each Industry in Serbian
- helping you for register and start up your Company in Serbian
- help you for the financing your Projects in Investment
- Citizenship Application of Serbia, - we help to speed up the process, help with registration, can process everything in advance in your order.
- and much more.

Serbia offers many financial Incentives
Government grants for greenfield and brownfield projects

So far, foreign and local companies have been granted EUR 252 million in non-repayable funds for projects worth more than EUR 1.3 billion, providing 44,046 new jobs in Serbia. This incentive program has already benefited a large number of world-class companies, including Michelin, Yura Corporation, Golden Lady, Gorenje, Henkel, Kronospan, Leoni, Pompea and many more. 

On the basis of the Serbian Government Decree and the State Budget of the Republic of Serbia, state subsidies are offered for greenfield and brownfield projects in all branches of industry except primary agriculture, hospitality, retail and synthetic fiber and coal production. Non-repayable State resources will be offered between € 4 000 and € 10 000 per new job created within 3 years of the date of signature of the contract for the allocation of funds.

GCI UNIT also shows you other incentives to invest in Serbia

Duty-free import of raw materials and semi-finished products

Foreign investors in Serbia benefit from the duty-free import of raw materials and semi-finished products for export-oriented production. This benefit can be obtained either through operation in one of the free zones in Serbia or through the approval of a customs office for outward processing. In both cases, the finished products must be 100% exported.

Duty-free import of machinery and equipment

Foreign investors are exempted from paying customs duties on imported equipment and machinery representing the share of a foreign investor in the capital of a company in Serbia.

FTA - free trade Agreement

Externally, Serbia can serve as a production center for duty-free exports to a market of over 1 billion people. It includes the European Union, the United States of America, Russia, Southeastern Europe, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey and EFTA members (Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein). This duty-free system covers most key industrial products, with few exceptions and annual quotas for a limited number of goods.

Following the conclusion of negotiations with Egypt, the duty-free access area for Serbia will be extended by a further 77 million consumers.

GCI UNIT Serbia is a company dedicated to the promotion of Serbia for foreign investors and companies having of project of expansion of their activities. Our company in  Serbian, aims at the success of foreign companies having a project of development on this market thanks to our services of consulting, counselling and follow-up of these companies throughout their project. One of our speciality is Investment in Serbian.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will answer with a great pleasure.